Do you remember the hype around the “Vampire Facial”, when Kim Kardashian was seen leaving a LA Plastic Surgery looking like she had just done 3 rounds with an electric weed eater? New advancements in technology and scientific evidence have taken autologous treatments into a new era that is unprecedented in the aesthetic field of anti-ageing. Autologous treatments involve the concept of processing a patient’s own blood to harness its healing and rejuvenating capacities.

“FACTOR 4”, is highly concentrated in super rich growth factors. Used widely around the world in regenerative medicine. This treatment involves taking approx 10ml of blood (2 teaspoons) using advanced tubing. The plasma is processed using innovative technology and incubated for 6 – 9 hours. The serum is then spun in a high-powered centrifuge making it 4 x richer in growth factors… hence the name “FACTOR 4”.

In the aesthetic field we use “FACTOR4” to treat; Scaring,
Fine Lines, Crepey Skin, Sagging Skin, Stretch Marks , Skin Tightening, Skin Brightening, Dark Eye Circles, Back of Hands, Décolletage, Under Eyes, Front Neck, Back Neck and
Full Face.

”FACTOR 4”, treatments can be delivered through a couple of proven techniques however; it’s the combination of delivery techniques that are really getting results. Using subcutaneous injections combined with a topical application of the serum to a treatment area and using a skin needling device to penetrate the serum into the dermis.

Sounds painful?   Not at all as a topical anesthetic is always used.

In Brisbane Anti Wrinkle & Skin Studios we use “FACTOR 4” in combination with Dermal Fillers and Botox as all injectable treatments provide a different result. Both Dermal Fillers and “FACTOR 4” will volumise and rejuvenate a treatment area but the big claim to fame that synthetic fillers can’t offer is that “FACTOR 4” stimulates collagen types I & III. What that means for you is a brighter, healthy skin complexion with decreased signs of ageing.

“FACTOR 4”, a highly concentrated super rich conditioned serum that stimulates collagen types I & III while also being rich in the anti inflammatory protein IL-1Ra.

The next generation in collagen stimulating plasma treatments.

Rich in Anti-inflammatory Protein IL-1Ra

Man vs Ageing…

Things just got real

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