This article is for the boys and girls in the market for the most convenient and cost effective wrinkle treatments. I’m unsure how the end consumer understands the way cosmetic clinics market their wrinkle treatments, but I know I get confused and frustrated at some of the shenanigans in the market place.

First of all, what qualifies me to comment on such an important and scientific subject? For 7 years, I worked for Allergan (Makers of Botox) as a Business Manager, followed by the past 3 years as an owner of a successful chain of cosmetic clinics in Brisbane. I also have a science degree with honors, so I think I’m a pretty good candidate to speak on this topic.

There are 3 Botulinum Toxin A products available in Australia for the treatment of wrinkles. When we talk about dosing of a specific area, for example “frown lines,” we talk about how many units it would take to treat that area. Everyone’s wrinkles are different and depending on the severity or strength of the muscle causing the wrinkle will determine the number of units that will be needed to treat. A basic dose range to treat “frown lines” is between 20 – 30 units. We sell Botulinum Toxin A by the unit. This why we cant quote over the phone as we can’t see your wrinkles and we don’t know how many units you will need.

Lets start with Botox… it has been available on the market for over 20 years and used in over 20 million treatments worldwide. There are over 2600 clinical papers on Botox and we know it works!! Botox is the second most recognized brand name in the world to Coca Cola. However, it can get expensive and cost anywhere from $13 – $21 per unit. The benefit to Botox is that it will last for 3 – 4 months with predicted results.

The second Botulinum Toxin A product is Dysport. Dysport has been in Australia for almost a decade now and is widely used due to its cost effectiveness. What is frustrating with Dysport, is the way cosmetic clinics market the product. The product information for Dysport states its’ potency is 2.5 units to 1 unit of Botox. So that means you need 2.5 times more of the product to get the same effect as Botox. Mathematically this is an easy issue to combat when treating, but it gets very confusing when you see signs in shopping centers selling Dysport at $3.95 per unit. As a consumer, this looks like a pretty sweet deal!! Now multiply $3.95 by 2.5 and all of a sudden we are comparing apples to apples. Additionally, results are not as predictable with Dysport, many times requiring “top ups” to achieve the desired outcomes. Where as in Botox, this is not the case.

Xeomin is the new toxin on the Australian market. Made by a very reputable pharmaceutical company Merz from Germany. The unit potency is 1:1 to Botox and the price can be a lot cheaper then Botox. However, from a clinical standpoint, it may not last as long as Botox or Dysport.

So for a fast overview, Botox is tried and tested and we know the results are predictable, but it’s not cheap. Dysport works just fine, but the results can be variable. The price is well worth giving Dysport a go but don’t be sucked in to misleading marketing. Xeomin is cost effective and equal potency to Botox, but it won’t last as long as the other products. Ask your Doctor or Nurse to see the vial they are using and make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

Man vs Ageing…. Things just got real.

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