We all know we made them but are we keeping ourselves honest?? Those New Year health resolutions that seemed so important to start only a couple of months ago can still be playing on your mind. I am one of those people that set unrealistic goals for my self and then come up well short in respect to my health goals each year. Instead, for this year I have opted to make my goals more manageable. So here is your opportunity to rethink new health goals and implement a couple of simple goals for the rest of 2016.

* Most of us want to get a little bit (or a lot) fitter in 2016 and that will of course increase our cardiovascular system, blood flow and confidence. Try something new to reignite your enjoyment of fitness. There are so many new group-training facilities now available. My personal pick this year is F45 Training, this style of high intensity group circuit training has a massive group following and a hit with celebrities. In just 45 minutes I can burn around 800 calories.

* Reducing your alcohol consumption… This is something I really struggle with as I enjoy a glass of wine after work while cooking dinner and even more on a Saturday with the boys while having a couple of wagers on the ponies. Going complete cold turkey is not an option for me unfortunately so my revised 2016 goals are simple. I have a glass of wine with dinner on Wednesday (Hump day) and another free day during the week to have a few drinks. I’ve diarised events and dinners over the next 3 months and allocated a free drink day to the occasion. Five alcohol free days per week is the goal here.

* Detoxing; I’ve attempted the month long detox and failed. We all know that a good detox is so important to release toxins and energise the body. My goal here is to do a simple 7-day detox every 3 months. Using one of the many available programs in pharmacies or health food stores, choose a program that explains every step and provides simple meal plans. Have your meals pre planned and ready each day to limit any cheating…

* Last year I got really sunburnt a couple of times; this made me reassess one of the most important goals for 2016. Ensuring that I applying a good SPF50 every morning before leaving the house. A good sun block should contain either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. In our clinics we work with sun-damaged skin all the time and key simple message we try and get out to everyone is to use a good sunblock every day. This is your insurance for healthy skin for years to come.

* Last but not least the most important revised goal for 2016 is to increase the work / life balance. Stress, fatigue and unhealthy habits are all derived from over working and the inability to switch off after work or on weekends. I am the CEO over two large companies with over 40 staff and it’s hard to switch off so I have set 2 simple goals to help me unwind and take my mind off work.

1) Never take work home. If I have extra work to do or meeting a dead line I will put that extra time in at the office. Either working back at night or going into work early. Your home should have nothing in its surroundings that remind you of work.

2) On the weekends always plan an outing with your partner or family. Get in the car and go somewhere for the day. A day trip to change the common scenery of your everyday life can energise and reignite your senses. Beach, rainforest or a small town outside of the city.

Let’s go back and review those 2016 goals and make them as simple as possible to achieve. Whether it’s losing a bit of weight; attempting to stop smoking or just reducing the alcohol to weekends – I want to wish everyone “The Best of Luck”!!

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