After countless hours of researching Peptides online and speaking with industry leaders, I realised a couple of basic things about Peptides. Firstly: Peptides are NOT illegal! So here I am thinking I’m being a bit of a bad boy for contemplating using Peptides – turns out, it’s not. Peptides are legal and prescribed as a private script from any Doctor. The “storm in a tea cup” surrounding Peptides is all to do with their use in sport and performance enhancing by professional athletes. Speaking with the resident Doctor from “” , it became apparent that the general use of Peptides is aimed at 30 – 50yr old males and females that have had a decline in energy or hormone levels; are recovering from injury; or are wanting to lose weight. So the day had come.   A small esky turned up from the compounding pharmacy and my two Peptide products were now placed safely in the fridge. The Doctor had prescribed me both CJC1295 and GHRP6 for use in recovery, lean muscle growth and weight loss.

Here’s the product snapshot:

CJC 1295 is a 30 amino acid peptide, which primarily functions as a growth hormone releasing hormone analogue, which helps improve the strength of internal organs on a cellular level. Other benefits include: increased bone density; stronger immunity; and, faster recovery from injuries. GHRP6 is a potent stimulator of your natural growth hormone production. Potentially, GHRP6 will improve overall well-being, build lean muscle mass, plus other anti-ageing benefits.

Both Peptides are prescribed as a 10 week course, but at the time of this article, I am only 6 weeks in. Over the 10 weeks I have committed to 4 gym sessions per week and a calorie controlled diet of 1700 calories per day. My only stipulation is that I’m not going to give up the Saturday beers with the boys!! Here is a week by week break down of my journey so far:

Week 1: After day 4, I started to see a difference in gym sessions. Where I knew my repetition limit may be 8 on a certain exercise, I was now pushing out to 10 and even 12. I also started to have fantastic sleeps at night. CJC1295 improves slow sleep waves and by the end of the first week I was sleeping a full 7 – 8 hour night whilst dreaming the most amazing life like dreams.

Week 2 – 3: Over this period I noticed my recovery from fair dinkum gym sessions was overnight. I could almost exercise the same body part the very next day with no soreness at all! I also noticed my first negative result. GHRP6 has some effect on releasing the hormone Ghrelin which stimulates hunger; I’m not talking small hunger pains for a snack. This was mind controlling hunger and I often found myself cooking up steak and eggs at 10pm!

Weeks 4 – 5: The Doctor has now taken me off GHRP6 as I couldn’t control my eating. Attemting to schedule the dose during the dose, post exercise, just didn’t work with my busy work schedule.   So, I’m now on CJC1295 by itself . My sleeping patterns are great and I’m waking up with so much energy. My mental alertness is on fire! I can multi task (yes ladies, it is possible for men to multi task!) and I find the work goals are being kicked all over the show! I’m not sure this is a result of the Peptide itself or the fact that I am getting a great night’s sleep every night.

Week 6: I have lost 3.5kgs, I have toned up considerably on my upper body. Sleeping fantastically still!! I look forward to bed time as that’s when I take the Peptide and I now associate taking my Peptide dose and an almost euphoric feeling with butterflies in my stomach…… I know that’s sounds a bit weird. I’ve cut down my alcohol intake due to an overall feeling of wellbeing and visual results from exercise and diet. My brain is functioning better than ever and business is flourishing because of it. The last thing I should report is a little personal but happy to share, as a 39 year old man over the past few years I have noticed a slight loss in libido. Something a little bit embarrassing but very common in 35+ males. Well I’m here to tell you… I’m Back!!! After around 5 – 6 weeks on CJC1295 I found a massive increase in sex drive. Thank goodness!!

With 4 weeks to go I am very interested in the health benefits of Peptide’s over the physical benefits. Next issue I will complete my Peptide journey and get the results of the post pathology report.

This is Man vs Ageing……. giving one for the team.

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