The hot topic in anti-ageing at the moment is Peptides…….What the hell is a Peptide?? With this question is something all men are asking in the wake of such a huge anti climax to speculation of Peptides being used by elite sportsman. The truth is Essendon football club players were ahead of their time, and gee they must have exceptional skin. The media really did a right balls up when first reporting on Peptide supplements trying to find correlations to steroids and synthetic growth hormone drugs. So, I thought it’s my duty as Man vs Ageing to do some research into Peptide supplements and report back to the good men of the GC.

The first part of my research actually surprised me, Peptides are just amino acid chains which are the building blocks for proteins, the chain of amino acids are held together by bonds of nitrogen and carbon. We supplement and consume amino acids in our diet every day. Chained amino acids (Peptides) act as messengers in the cellular world by telling your cells what to do. Different scientifically produced chains of amino acids can work on specific areas of the ageing body on a cellular level.

My fist area of research led me to Peptide chains being used in anti ageing skin care, short chain peptides are able to penetrate the epidermis and send signals to cells, informing them how to function. Collagen/Elastin Building Peptides are essential in keeping the elasticity and firmness of skin intact. The inclusion of Peptides as ingredients in anti-aging products is pivotal for rebuilding diminished elasticity and firmness for more youthful looking skin. Miscellaneous Peptides can be used to effectively treat other skin care concerns such as dark under eye circles, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation. Most Peptide skin care products can be found in Medispas and Medical Cosmetic Clinics.

After my initial research in Peptides used for active skin care I thought I would take the next step which led me to Peptides used for anti ageing. One of the world’s best kept secrets for optimal health is Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH is so instrumentally important that its decline as we age is directly related to our health and quality of life. Modern medicine is now recognising its decrease as a clinical syndrome called “Growth Hormone Deficiency Syndrome”. Replacing GH can revert an ailing body back toward a healthy and younger state.

Certain Peptide Chains have the ability to naturally increase our GH levels to the optimal levels which in turn reverse or at least slow down the ageing process. This process is much safer than taking a synthetic hormone to increase GH as these products instigate a direct spike in hormone levels when first taken and then an instant plunge once the hormone has stopped being administered.

Peptides work on your own body’s ability to increase its natural hormone levels which takes a couple of weeks to see a positive result. Once Peptides aren’t administered at the end of a cycle there is no massive drop in levels. Studies actually show that the decrease in your bodies hormone levels slowly decrease over months. In most cases they don’t revert directly back to baseline hormone levels.

OK…. Enough of the scientific garbage!!! I’ve just been prescribed 2 specific peptides from a qualified Doctor who specialises in anti ageing. I’ve completed the blood work that he required and answered all the medical questions needed before a prescription.

Next issue I will give you a week to week analysis on my results, a comprehensive breakdown on the Peptides I am taking and the process I had to go through to get a Peptide prescribed to me.

This is really taking my work to another level!!! I’m excited and nervous but can’t wait to see what all the hype is about. This is Man vs Ageing taking one for the team…….