As males we are a funny bunch. We spend hours in the gym getting that perfect body or at least trying to keep as fit as we can. We spend more time concentrating on getting that beach body for summer at the expense of actually looking after two of the most important things that society see as necessity for attractiveness. The first is our skin, other than a cheap moisturiser and soap we don’t really look after our skin. The second is our facial complexion and wrinkles.

I was at the Ivy Bar in Sydney last week with a bunch of female work colleague, the Ivy has a swimming pool in the middle of the night club and only the bravest of Men who are obviously confident in their image will take the risk and swims in front of 200 odd party revellers. Taking the white speedo’s and dodgy fake tans aside these guys had bloody good bodies. They are the blokes at the gym with wrist straps hanging off their arms and lifting 15kg arm curls while checking themselves out in the mirror. Ok I’m a little jealous… The interesting thing was the comments coming from the group of girls I was with. The best comment was “Yea he has a hot body but a face like a half eaten chicko roll”. The girls were more interested in skin complexion then muscles. Now this is an extreme story as no Gold Coast man in his right mind would be posing around in a night club swimming pool in his white speedos, but the fact is we don’t look after our skin even though we are living in one of the harshest environments for sun damage in Australia.

So my advice to all Men is “Its ok to look after your skin”!! Sure keep up the great work in the gym but make the job of looking after your skin just as important.

A few simple suggestions to follow:

Get your skin checked at least once a year by a qualified physician

Use a good sunblock, there are some great 50+ water resistant products available now

Get your skin analysed at a Medispa and look into medical grade active skin care to revive, rejuvenate and protect your skin.

Finally understand that it is ok to take care of yourself and look the best you possibly can for your age. Once you have taken steps to take care of your skin don’t be afraid to ask your local Medispa about treatments to rejuvenate facial features such as Botox, Fillers, Laser Rejuvenation, and Mircodermabrasion. These are all treatments that have become very common for both men and women all over Australia. I see more men getting Botox and anti-ageing treatments now than ever before.

So for all my male friends on the Gold Coast……..Its ok to take care of your skin and look the very best you can for your age.