Last issue we touched on Dermal Fillers which led to a healthy amount of questions and interest from the boys. This issue I want to answer all of these questions and give you as much information as possible. It’s such an eye opener as to the simple treatments available that can take years off your aesthetic age. These are simple 1 hr semi painless procedures done in a professional Medispa or clinic by a cosmetic Nurse or Doctor.

The most common query I received was “What is the difference between Botox and a Hyloronic Dermal Filler?” Great question and it goes to show Gold Coast men are genuinely interested in looking great for their age.

Botox is used to treat lines and wrinkles caused by muscle movement. For example when you look into a mirror and squint you will see the muscle causing lines around the outer half of your eye and down toward your outer cheek, these particular lines are called crow’s feet. These lines caused by muscle movement are dynamic lines. Now still looking into the mirror stop squinting, if there is still signs of those lines visible they are static lines caused by years of constant muscle movement. The longer you leave them the stronger they get. Botox relaxes the muscle causing dynamic lines and in time the once permanent static lines dissipate.

Dermal fillers work on a totally different scale. Fillers are a gel like substance that are used to fill or plump lines and wrinkles by adding substance. Fillers work well for adding volume to areas of the face that have developed flat spots caused by volume loss. In particular our eye area seems to age faster and the exposure of bony structure around the eye coupled with dark circles under the eye makes us look tired and aged. Fillers are great for adding support and structure around the eye area and this itself can make you look younger and refreshed.

After spending more time with my Cosmetic Nurse Carolyn, I know understand that it’s the combination of both Botox and Fillers that make the greatest difference. Botox to stop the muscle causing wrinkles and Fillers to balance out any volume loss.

Just remember Botox lasts for approximately 4 months and Fillers last anywhere from 9 – 24 months depending on the brand of Filler. Lastly my final piece of advice on this subject is always go to a well-credentialed Medispa or Clinic that is under the supervision of a Plastic Surgeon, Cosmetic Physician or an experienced Doctor. Over the past couple of years there have been several injecting clinics popping up in dodgy old shopping centres that do not have any Doctor present to oversee if there are any problems. Always protect yourself by going to a well-established institution. Cheaper doesn’t always mean best treatment outcomes…..

Next issue we are going to tackle the issue of permanent hair removal………..   Until then go and visit a local Medispa or Clinic and ask for a Free consultation. Tell them I sent you!

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