I started writing this column for the Gold Coast Magazine just under 2 years ago, targeting males. My aim was to explain different cosmetic treatments and non-evasive procedures to the average Gold Coast Man. We were falling behind our well educated female partners in the anti-ageing stakes and action needed to be taken.

What a difference 24 months has made…… Let’s take Botox as an easy to measure example. Botox is unmistakably the most well-known evidence based cosmetic procedure that is only a 30 minute treatment and a happy client is guaranteed 99.9% of the time. Two years ago the ratio of women to men receiving Botox treatments was approximately 25 – 1 based on numbers from several of the largest cosmetic clinics in Queensland.

I remember talking to males from all walks of life from tradesmen, lawyers, businessmen, sportsmen and even miners and the collection of responses where varied in language but all pretty much saying the same thing, there was no way in hell that they were going to ever try that Botox stuff as it’s for the girls only!! I don’t know if we can attribute generational change, advertising, or just natural attrition but the percentage of men that socially accept Botox treatments as just the norm has dramatically increased.

It’s like we have just learnt to walk up right all over again. Two years ago the consensus to Botox was “No bloody way” one year ago it was “Hey I’m interested to know more about this Botox stuff” and now it’s more like “When can I book in for my next Botox appointment”. Again just taking an educated guess, the female to male Botox client ratio is more like 10 – 1 in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Do you remember when your Dad had his first face moisturiser? He was not going to use that fancy cream no matter what. Then he started asking for the moisturisers he preferred for Christmas and Birthday gifts. Well in context; Botox is this generation’s version of the male moisturiser. The males I speak to know exactly what they want, how many Botox units they need in different areas and that they would not use any substitute offered to them except Botox. I was working in a clinic last week and a painter walked in wanting to talk to someone about getting his Botox done. I ignorantly thought I had to explain what Botox was and why we use Botox ect. The 40+ painter just looked at me and said “ Dude I just want my frown and crows feet done before Christmas, I don’t need the lecture”.

I see husband and wife appointments in the System all the time, they use their quarterly Botox treatments as a reward to both of them. There are allot of 35 – 45 year old Men that have just had relationship issues and wanted to start looking good for their age. Then we have the Men who were dragged into the clinic by their wives a year ago and have been Botox regulars since.

Botox has been used medically for over 40 years and cosmetically for over 20 years. There are over 2000 studies done on the product with over 20 Million treatments. Botox is one of the largest trade names in the world just behind Coke Cola and Viagra.

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