I’ve been writing for Panache magazines for a while now and have never really introduced myself. Everyone must wonder who the hell is this guy telling us about ageing and what qualifies him to comment on the various treatments discussed over the past issues. Well, to be honest, I don’t really know how a 100kg ex footballer with an honours degree in science got caught up in this capper at all!!

For the past 7 years I’ve been working for a multinational pharmaceutical company which is a leader in the medical cosmetic industry. Understanding the ageing process and researching the various treatments that are available was such an integral part of my journey into medical cosmetics and dermal therapies. Currently, I am a private consultant to this rapidly growing industry and my understanding of new treatments available and the evolution of treatments is imperative, so my clients are always at the forefront of the industry.

So what qualifies me?? Well I’m your average bloke that knows more about this gig than the majority of other blokes and I speak bloke talk……

When I first started working in the medical cosmetic arena the ratio of men actively getting Botox®, dermal fillers, laser or dermal treatments were approximately 5% of an average clinics database. It seemed to be a bit of a rarity for men, as most of us were still fighting off the wife when she comes at us with her expensive moisturisers. Little by little we started evolving and the daily routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturising became popular and with this we thought we had mastered this ageing thing… Then, they move the bloody goal posts again!!! Now when I spend time in clinics around Australia, it’s more apparent that the male population has let go of any inhibition and embraced the ethos of “looking good for our age”. It also doesn’t help that a lot of us have married younger wives who look bloody fantastic while we get wrinkly and our skin starts to look like an old leather football left in the sun too long.

The evolution of treatments that are now available will blow your mind! The treatments are fast, semi painless and get instant results. People now demand instant results from non-surgical cosmetic treatments and clinics spend hundreds of thousands ensuring they have the products, equipment and systems to deliver results. Another big change in the industry is the requirements for the clinicians to have huge amounts of experience and training. I was involved in a training session last week using the latest evolution in dermal fillers on 3 male clients. The things cosmetic Doctors and Nurses are able to now do with dermal fillers alone are fantastic. The 3 male clients, in their early 40’s, looked great after treatment!   The main areas we treated were: in the under eye area called the tear trough – this is the area that makes us look tired. The filler actually eliminated any signs of tiredness and hollowing under the eyes and these guys looked great. More importantly , the feedback they have had over the past week by colleagues and friends is that they look great but no one can actually tell that they have had anything done. That’s the true art of treating men; make us look great for our age without any signs that we have had anything done to our face. Really, all we want is to look like we did 10 years ago and the new evolution of dermal fillers are subtle and natural looking. Great for us men!!

With social normality shifting, and the acceptance for males to get these treatments dramatically changing; now is the time to experiment and educate yourself to the possibilities now available. Australia has some of the most experienced cosmetic Doctors and Nurses and we are also one of the leading countries in the cosmetic industry. We are spoilt with choice for cosmetic service providers and due to the rapidly growing industry; clinics and medispas have to keep up with public demand. Therefore, we can be assured a high level of competence and skill.

Now is the time to reach out and learn more about what is available. Get onto your computer and google “cosmetic clinics” in your area. Make that first step!!!

This is Man vs Ageing, bringing you the facts!!

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